SGCharts: Hawker Rentals

The charts show monthly stall rentals of hawker centres and markets managed by the National Environment Agency (NEA). Stall rentals vary widely, partly due to government subsidised rent. For example, the cooked food stall rental was $109 — $668 psm at Amoy Street Food Centre in 2014.

According to NEA’s rental policy [PDF], subsidised stallholders are the original stallholders who were relocated from the streets in the early 1970s or allocated stalls under the Government's hardship scheme (discontinued since 1989). Thus, it is unlikely for new hawkers to qualify for subsidy.

2015’s data is included, even though the year is not over yet.

Source: National Environment Agency, Hawker Centres Division. The dataset in the PDF file is converted to an online spreadsheet (Google Sheet | webpage).